Where can we find hope in British politics at the moment?

The Conservative Government is on an authoritarian rampage, inciting the ‘culture wars’ to distract us from its catastrophic handling of the pandemic, an economy in ruins and a planet on fire.

The Tories face no meaningful opposition, either from the corrupt mainstream media or from Keir Starmer’s spineless Labour Party. They’re all in it together, desperately propping up a collapsing system to protect their own power.

We see hope not in Westminster but in the ordinary people fighting for a better future — in workplaces, in communities and on the streets.

The Breakthrough Party is a new home for those determined to disrupt the failed status quo and build an alternative: a society that uses its considerable wealth to provide dignity, security and justice for all.

Breakthrough is a democratic socialist party, led by the younger generations set to inherit a world in crisis.

It’s time to come together, win power and rewrite the rules.

It’s time to break through.