Workers in Britain have been on the back foot for decades.

The weakening of trade unions has allowed businesses to step up their exploitation, ushering in an era of zero-hour contracts, fire and rehire and the insecure gig economy. The result is that many people are simply not being paid enough to get by. During the COVID lockdown, essential workers were rightly celebrated as heroes — now, the establishment parties treat them with contempt, ignoring their demands for decent pay and conditions.

Our vision

We need to harness Britain’s considerable wealth to eradicate poverty, reduce inequality and give every worker a decent quality of life. This won’t be brought about simply by asking employers nicely: we have to empower workers to take what they deserve, unleashing trade unions by repealing the restrictive laws that currently hold them back.

Our Policies

To achieve our vision for Work, the Breakthrough Party would:


Increase the minimum wage to a true living wage of £16, regardless of age or type of employment.


Ban 'fire and rehire' practices, zero-hour contracts and unpaid internships, and protect apprentices from exploitation.


Introduce a maximum wage for companies, capping pay (including bonuses) at 20 times the salary of the lowest paid worker.


Legislate for sick pay to be provided at 100% of wages for average hours worked.


Introduce government-funded sick pay for self-employed people, based on their average income.


Protect the rights of gig economy workers and crack down on bogus self-employment.


Enshrine in law the right of all workers to organise and the right of trade unions to take industrial action, including secondary action.


Criminalise union-busting and intimidatory tactics used by employers to prevent effective organising in workplaces.


Offer parents 52 weeks of parental leave to be shared between them, at 100% of wages.


Make the choice to work from home, where possible, a right for all workers.

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