The climate crisis should be at the heart of our politics.

No longer a distant threat, the effects of climate change have arrived, causing loss of life and displacement across the world. The UK is not immune, as the extreme heat of summer 2022 has shown. But even now, the establishment parties treat the crisis as an afterthought. They are addicted to the political and economic systems which are to blame for climate breakdown and unable to change course.

Our vision

We cannot address the climate crisis in isolation — it’s inextricably linked to inequalities of wealth and power at a national and global level. By democratising the economy, building a society geared towards meeting human need and promoting peace over militarism, we can begin building a truly sustainable world. As a matter of urgency, we need a Green New Deal: massive decarbonisation, a green transition in farming and bold interventions to promote biodiversity and strengthen animal rights. 

Our Policies

To achieve our vision for Environment, the Breakthrough Party would:


Nationalise our energy sector and expand the production of wind turbines and solar panels to make renewables a larger part of our energy mix.


Halt all future licensing and consents for the exploration, development and production of fossil fuels in the UK and work towards ending our reliance on fossil fuels.


Scale up nuclear energy production to improve the UK's energy security while we continue to build the necessary capacity for renewable alternatives.


Investigate a system of carbon pricing and/or rationing which ensures excessive producers and users can no longer continue as normal.


Nationalise the water and sewerage industries, investing to ensure security of supply and to end the pollution of our waterways with sewage.


Phase out factory farming, oppose the weakening of food regulations and enshrine high food safety and animal welfare practices in law.


Plant millions of trees, using native species and avoiding monocultures, and support rewilding, rewetting and restoration projects.


Expand and strengthen the Hunting Act to close loopholes that allow the illegal hunting of foxes, deer and hares.


End the export of plastic waste abroad and work towards a ban on single-use plastic, investing in the development of sustainable alternatives.


Introduce regulations to ensure that all non-consumable goods are recyclable and repairable.

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