Over the past forty years, successive governments have created a marketised education system, characterised by relentless testing and huge pressure on students, teachers and lecturers.

Across the sector, creativity and critical thinking are stifled in order to ensure that schools meet the criteria set by OFSTED and the Department for Education. Those who go to university are forced to shoulder massive debts, reducing their take-home pay for decades. Meanwhile, a privileged minority continue to game the system by sending their children to private schools.

Our vision

We need to build an education system centred on enriching the lives of young people and providing lifelong education for all. This means an emphasis on learning through play in early years education, an end to the injustice of private schools, and a reversal of the process of marketisation in higher education. The school curriculum should not only prepare children for the world of work but should encourage a love of learning and provide the basis for a more equal and inclusive society.

Our Policies

To achieve our vision for Education, the Breakthrough Party would:


Abolish private schools and integrate their property, land and other assets into the state sector.


Abolish academies and multi-academy trusts, bringing these schools back under local authority control.


Reinstate free university education, including for mature students, and cancel all existing student debt.


Work towards the provision of free childcare for all children from birth.


Scrap all examinations for primary school age children.


Extend entitlement to free school meals to all children.


Abolish OFSTED and replace it with supportive local inspection teams who understand the circumstances of the schools in their area and work with schools to help them improve.


Tackle the injustice of higher exclusion rates of black students and address the under-representation of ethnic minority teachers.


Ensure that relationships and sex education is LGBTQ+ inclusive and promotes body positivity.


Undertake a curriculum review to ensure that it includes socially relevant subjects such as sexism, racism, antisemitism and Islamophobia and the struggles against these injustices.

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