Media, Culture & Sport


Britain’s media landscape is dominated by a handful of billionaire proprietors who uphold the status quo and demonise any movement that might challenge their wealth and power.

This is no ‘free press’ — it’s a rigged system that marginalises dissenting voices. Vast inequality also defines our cultural and creative industries, in which most artists and performers struggle to make a living despite our global reputation for the arts. And our most popular sports are becoming playthings for billionaires, run in their interests rather than for the real fans.

Our vision

To revitalise our media, we need to restrain the billionaires and create a more diverse public discourse. Working-class voices must be given more prominence and independent media organisations more support. We must build a society in which artists and performers can thrive, benefiting from improved local provision for creative activities and increased national funding. And we have to review the way football is run, handing more power and resources to fans and the grassroots game.

Our Policies

To achieve our vision for Media, Culture & Sport, the Breakthrough Party would:


Limit ownership in any individual media market to a maximum of 10%.


Impose a levy on the profits of pay TV and social media companies and provide grants to local and regional independent media organisations, including those run by marginalised communities.


Remove the BBC's periodic 'charter renewal' by the government, put it on a permanent statutory footing and ensure that its board members are elected by staff or licence fee payers.


Regulate global tech giants and make them publicly accountable, ensuring that the content promoted on their platforms is truly representative of our media ecosystem.


Increase funding for the Arts Council and prioritise support for working-class artists.


Support artists and performers who want to set up co-operatives and work with local institutions to fund long-term creative residencies.


Provide council-owned spaces at a heavily discounted rate for artists, performers and cultural organisations.


Hand responsibility of football clubs from billionaires to the fans by implementing a model similar to the Bundesliga's '50+1' model.


Ensure that at least five percent of the Premier League's domestic and international television rights income is diverted to the grassroots game.


End all gambling advertising, promotion and sponsorship.

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