Our National Health Service is under attack like never before.

Increased outsourcing, reduced services, longer waiting times and a staffing crisis all threaten the existence of a universal, publicly owned and run health service free at the point of use. With an ageing population, the additional need created by the pandemic, and a mental health crisis, the NHS faces unprecedented challenges — and the establishment parties seem more interested in promoting private profit than defending public health.

Our vision

To build a society with physical and mental health at its centre, we need an end to privatisation and profiteering from healthcare and a return to a democratically run, publicly owned healthcare system that prioritises patients not profit. The NHS must be properly funded and staffed, with a highly trained workforce, and play a key role in reducing health inequalities across the population by tackling discrimination and inequality of service provision.

Our Policies

To achieve our vision for Health, the Breakthrough Party would:


Renationalise the NHS by ending outsourcing, bringing services in-house and scrapping the internal market, enabling the NHS to set up and run its own services.


Ensure democratic accountability of the NHS by returning services to oversight by local councils and regional health boards instead of unelected commissioning boards.


Set up an NHS pharmaceuticals and medical supplies manufacturing arm to research and develop new treatments and produce medications and other clinical supplies.


Promote a whole-patient approach to healthcare instead of treating people by condition as NHS monitoring currently encourages.


Reintroduce free prescriptions (including for many over-the-counter medications) and expand the provision of free eye care and dentistry.


Fully restore bursaries for nurses and expand them to all healthcare workers.


Increase funding for NHS mental health services, including children and young people's mental health services, and ensure patients are given choice, autonomy and the treatment they need.


Raise awareness and funding to tackle health inequalities specific to particular communities such as diabetes, high blood pressure and sickle cell.


Decriminalise abortion in every part of the UK and ensure all sexual health services are free at the point of use, accessible, local and safe.


End NHS access charges for resident migrants and refugees.

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