Foreign Policy


Britain’s historic role in global affairs has been defined by the exploitation of other countries and peoples through imperialism and colonialism.

Although our current political leaders often speak the language of human rights, successive governments have continued to support regimes responsible for military aggression and occupation. Britain’s interventions in the Middle East, its membership of NATO and its nuclear arsenal make the world a more dangerous place.

Our vision 

In contrast to the harmful role that it has played in the past, the UK should play its part in constructing a new global order based on self-determination, human rights, sustainable development and democracy. Rather than participating in profit-driven conflicts, the UK should stand against imperialism and occupation.

The climate crisis is the greatest challenge facing the world, and Britain must work cooperatively to transform the global economy and phase out fossil fuels. As part of a commitment to global justice, the UK should support the UN Charter of Human Rights, working with other governments and organisations to achieve its implementation.

Our Policies

To achieve our vision for Foreign Policy, the Breakthrough Party would:


Work with international partners to promote a global Green New Deal, prevent further climate breakdown and respond to climate-driven emergencies.


Aid the sustainable development of all nations in the interests of humanity as a whole, with particular emphasis on redressing the wrongs committed on nations Britain has invaded, ruled or occupied over the last three hundred years.


Impose tough regulations on corporate supply chains to reduce human rights abuses and exploitation in the Global South.


Reduce spending on warfare and withdraw British troops from existing international conflicts.


Abolish the Trident nuclear weapons system and support a global nuclear weapons ban.


Withdraw the UK from NATO.


Withdraw all financial support from countries bombing civilians, such as Saudi Arabia in Yemen and Israel in Palestine.


Support the Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) movement and mobilise international opinion against Israel's oppression of Palestinians.


Never make any individual stateless, in accordance with international law.


Ensure veterans have the support they need, including affordable, decent housing and free physical and mental health care.

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