The British economy simply doesn’t work for most people.

Low pay, poor work conditions and insecure employment plague our society. While millions struggle, the rich continue to get richer, hiding their massive profits in tax havens rather than investing them in the things we need to build a sustainable future. This corrupt, exploitative system is supported by the establishment parties, who take donations from the super rich on the understanding that they won’t threaten their interests. 

Our vision

To build an economy that provides security, dignity and opportunity for all, we need to redistribute wealth and power from the rich to the poor. That means breaking from four decades of neoliberalism by taking key industries into public control, investing in projects which meet human need, and retooling our economy to respond to the climate crisis. At the heart of this transformation will be an empowered working class, enjoying higher incomes and able to spend more time on the things that make life worth living.

Our Policies

To achieve our vision for Economy, the Breakthrough Party would:


Set up a National Sustainable Investment Bank (NSIB) capable of financing infrastructure projects such as council housing, public transport and alternative energy production at low or zero rates of interest.


Provide publicly-owned broadband internet, free to all, and extend high-speed internet access to every household and organisation in the country.


Implement a progressive tax system to reduce economic inequality, reducing tax for most people while ensuring the rich pay considerably more.


Overhaul HMRC so it focuses on tackling tax evasion, tax avoidance and corporate fraud.


Promote a transition to a four-day week with no loss of pay for full-time workers.


Work towards the introduction of a Universal Basic Income, an unconditional cash transfer set at a level which ensures that necessities are affordable by all.


Scrap the DWP and replace it with a Department for Social Security tasked with creating a social security system that provides claimants with dignity.


Lower the retirement age to 60, regardless of gender.


Replace GDP as the principal measure of economic success and adopt a new measure which focuses on overall human welfare and environmental sustainability.


Campaign on global economic reform, working with international partners to challenge corporate power and build a more equal and sustainable world.

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