Britain’s experiment with privatised public transport has resulted in fragmentation, poor service and exorbitantly expensive fares.

The average price of a train journey has increased by at least 23% in real terms since privatisation, while rail bosses take home six-figure salaries. Bus services outside of London are unreliable and unaffordable. Passengers know they are being ripped off, and it’s no wonder that so many people continue to drive despite the climate emergency and rising air pollution.

Our vision

Public transport should be publicly owned, environmentally sustainable, accessible and, in the long term, free to use. By taking profiteering out of public transport, we can bring down costs and integrate transport into a national zero-carbon strategy. Affordable, high-quality public transport will make it easier to reduce our dependence on cars, improving air quality and public health.

Our Policies

To achieve our vision for Transport, the Breakthrough Party would:


Nationalise all rail, light rail, metro, and bus networks.


Decarbonise the transport network, aiming to achieve net zero as soon as possible.


Work towards making all public transport free at the point of use.


Create a National Transport Plan that will set an overall strategic direction for the local transport bodies.


Fund new infrastructure projects to increase rail capacity and extend existing transit to underserved areas.


Make public transport accessible to all, enshrining this in law and upgrading existing infrastructure to meet accessibility criteria.


Ban domestic flights where a direct rail option is available.


Make cycling safer by ensuring that cycling infrastructure is separated from other road traffic and working with local groups to improve the experience of cycling.


Incorporate walkability and cyclability considerations into the planning process.


Require public and private vehicles to be built sustainably and served by electric or hydrogen infrastructure.

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