It’s time to give real power to the people

The UK is supposed to be a democracy — but everyone knows it’s not really the people who are in charge. In addition to the extreme inequality which puts power in the hands of a wealthy minority, our electoral and parliamentary systems are unrepresentative and outdated, and the ruling class face no consequences for their blatant corruption and greed.

Our vision

To ensure elected representatives work for the public good, we need to remove the profit motive from parliament and make politicians much more responsive to the public. More broadly, we need to build a flourishing democracy in which everyone can participate on an equal basis. This means creating a fair voting system, experimenting with new forms of decision making, and respecting and empowering all nations of the UK.

Our Policies

To achieve our vision for Democracy, the Breakthrough Party would:


Implement a Proportional Representation voting system in all UK elections.


Lower the voting age to 16.


Extend the right to vote to include people in prison and any migrant with a valid non-visitor visa.


Make it easier for the public to vote by holding ballots over multiple days, compelling employers to give employees paid time off to vote, and scrapping voter ID requirements.


Explore alternative forms of local democracy including people's assemblies and the use of sortition.


Expand the Recall of MPs Act 2015 to allow constituents to initiate recall proceedings.


Modernise parliament by facilitating remote voting for MPs and reviewing antiquated Westminster traditions.


Limit MPs' expenses and perks, regulate MPs' second jobs and legislate to prevent companies offering MPs lucrative management roles after they leave parliament.


Defend each UK nation's right to vote on questions of independence and devolution.


Abolish the monarchy and the House of Lords.

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