Our Frequently Asked Questions

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Breakthrough is currently led by Alex Mays, who founded the Party in 2021.

Alex is an ex-Labour member who grew disillusioned by the chaos of a Conservative government and the lack of opposition from the Labour Party and wanted to do something about it.

He's worked in supermarkets, restaurants and in recent years as a journalist, video producer and social media manager. Alex lives a mile south of Bury in Greater Manchester.



British politics has moved dramatically to the right in recent years and there is currently very little 'left vote' to speak of. Labour is today a centre-right party, beholden to wealthy donors and aggressively hostile to working class movements. The conditions are right for a new left party to disrupt the political landscape and offer a real alternative.

We've seen the two-party system challenged before, despite First Past the Post, when Labour replaced the Liberals as the main opposition to the Tories in the early 20th century. Historic shifts are possible, and with Labour's failure to respond to the challenges of the 21st century, the time for another upheaval has come.

One thing is certain: giving in to the logic of First Past the Post by voting for one of the establishment parties will simply ensure that things continue as they are.

Yes we are!

We are open to working with political parties, trade unions and campaign groups that share our broad political aims, and we have agreed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Left Unity, the Liverpool Community Independents and the Northern Independence Party (NIP) to cooperate and work effectively together.

You can get involved by joining us as a member or signing up as a supporter.

If you join as a member you will have the ability to vote on Breakthrough Party policy, contribute to our policy debates and have access to our Party Discord server.

You will also be invited to meetings, our Party conference and member-only social events, be able to vote in our leadership and candidate elections, volunteer in teams across the national and regional parties, stand for elected roles and become a Breakthrough council or parliamentary candidate.

As a registered supporter, we will send you regular news and campaign updates. You can also join us on the campaign trail if you would like to help out!

We believe Party policy should be shaped democratically by our members. To facilitate this, we hold regular member-led policy discussions on a range of different topics.

The ideas generated in these meetings are then developed by Party members with expertise in the relevant field. These policies are then put back to our membership for a vote, and if they win sufficient support become Party policy.

We are solely funded by membership subscriptions and individual donations. As a grassroots party, we believe in a fairer distribution of wealth and opportunity, so we do not take any money from corporate donors or the super-rich.

Our members are working to bring radical change to British politics. Join us now and

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