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Safeguarding Policy

Breakthrough Party Ltd. is a registered company in England & Wales
Registered Company Number: 13238910
Registered Office: 151 The Rock, Bury, Lancashire, BL9 0ND. United Kingdom

Policy last updated or reviewed: July 2022

Safeguarding is all of our responsibility. As a political party, Breakthrough is committed to ensuring compliance with best practice in terms of our safeguarding standards and guidance.


This policy has been drawn up on the basis of law and guidance that serves to protect all members of society including our most vulnerable. These include Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018, Section 11 (Children’s Act 2004), Children and Young People 2014 Act (Scotland), Social Services and Well-being Act 2014 (Wales), Children First Act 2015 (ROI) and the Care Act 2014.

As a political party, Breakthrough recognises that:

  • Everyone, regardless of their race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion, sex or sexual orientation, working pattern, marital status, gender reassignment, disability, age, political opinion or family status, has the right to live their lives free from harm, through abuse or neglect.
  • Some children and adults are additionally vulnerable to experiencing harm, because of the impact of previous experiences, levels of dependency, or other factors.
  • Disclosures of abuse can be current, retrospective, and/or anonymous and are generally made in confidence.

Purpose of the policy

This policy is designed to safeguard children and adults at risk of, or who have experienced, harm who may come into contact with and be members of our Party.

This includes:

  • Children and adults at risk who pose a risk of serious harm to themselves
  • Children and adults at risk who are at risk from others in the community
  • Children and adults at risk affected by adults using our services, and
  • All the users of our services who are at risk of or, who have experienced, harm from those who deliver our services.

This policy is designed to provide members with the overarching principles that guide a robust approach and commitment to safeguarding. These are awareness, training, procedures and quality assurance.

Scope of the policy

This safeguarding policy applies to all members and all those whose work alongside the Breakthrough Party.

This safeguarding policy applies to both the protection of children and the protection of adults defined as at risk of harm and includes members, councillors, MPs, as well as any who follow the Breakthrough Party whether this is online or through other means.

A child is anyone under the age of 18.

An adult at risk is anyone aged 18 or over who:

  • has needs for care and or support
  • as a result of care and support needs is unable to protect themselves from abuse
  • is currently experiencing or is at risk of abuse. This policy applies to the UK and covers all nations.

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Breakthrough Party Ltd.
A registered company in England & Wales Registered Company Number: 13238910.
Registered Office: 151 The Rock, Bury, Lancashire, BL9 0ND. United Kingdom

Safeguarding Policy
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Safeguarding Policy

The Breakthrough Party will provide services in a manner that as far as possible prevents any child or adult from experiencing harm.

  1. When the Breakthrough Party has reasonable grounds for concern that identifiable children or adults are being, have been, or are at risk of being seriously harmed, Breakthrough Party will raise their concerns in accordance with Breakthrough Party safeguarding procedures and where appropriate, statutory or regulatory guidance.
  2. Breakthrough’s core function is meeting the needs of a predominately adult service user group, but a small number of and children do contact the Party.
  3. When members disclose information that indicates the possibility of harm, procedures are in place which guide the Breakthrough Party, taking into account the age of the person, their wishes, and the information presented.
  4. Occasionally members may disclose information which specifically indicates they have been put at risk by those who deliver Breakthrough Party services. Accompanying robust procedures are in place to guide Breakthrough in recognising such incidents of alleged serious misconduct, to raise concerns internally, investigate and, if substantiated to refer concerns to regulators and statutory authorities as required.
  5. We will fulfil our safeguarding responsibilities by;
    1. Listening to children, young people and adults without judgement, valuing and respecting them, and ensuring their views and wishes are taken into consideration.
    2. Providing mandatory training and guidance for staff, volunteers and members in dealing with situations where there are safeguarding concerns and provide clear procedures for raising concerns.
    3. Adopting robust safeguarding procedures and codes of practice for all staff, volunteers and members.
    4. Ensuring that all contracting, and commissioning is undertaken with regard for safeguarding.
    5. Providing effective management for staff, and volunteers through robust supervision and support, and guidance for managers.
    6. Ensuring suitably experienced safeguarding team is appointed within the Party.
    7. Recruiting staff and volunteers in accordance with good practice guidelines, ensuring all necessary checks are made.
    8. Routinely sharing good practice findings and lessons learned with staff, volunteers and members as necessary.
    9. Ensuring that appropriate action is taken where there are concerns regarding staff, volunteers or members conduct with children or vulnerable adults. Concerns of this nature should be raised via the following methods:

For all members, employees and volunteers: Please only share any issue or concern, in confidence, with the Safeguarding & Wellbeing Officer via email [email protected]

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Breakthrough Party Ltd.
A registered company in England & Wales Registered Company Number: 13238910.
Registered Office: 151 The Rock, Bury, Lancashire, BL9 0ND. United Kingdom

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