St. Goran Parish Councillor joins Breakthrough

Cllr Talan Blamey this week joined Breakthrough from St. Goran Parish Council in Cornwall.

Talan used to be a Labour member, but has left the party, citing Sir Keir Starmer’s leadership and his breaking of all ten pledges that he was elected on in 2020.

He said: “After sitting in a morally bankrupt and decaying Labour Party for the last couple of years, watching how the leadership lied to gain power, has broken every promise it made and treated good honest socialists with nothing but contempt, it was refreshing and reinvigorating to see a party in Breakthrough that actually stood for the policies and standards that this country so desperately needs.” 

Talan is the youngest councillor in the parish’s history and feels that young people need more of a voice in politics.

He added: “Too often young people’s views and needs end up getting overlooked in more traditional rural communities, so I decided to stand to ensure that there was representation in the council and that a fresh perspective is brought to local politics.”

Breakthrough has continued to expand its presence in local government, with Talan becoming the Party’s eighth sitting councillor.

Welcoming the move, Alex Mays, Breakthrough Party Leader, said:

“We are delighted to welcome Talan to Breakthrough, and we look forward to having him join our other councillors in making their communities better places to live.

Our members will work alongside Cllr Blamey to fight tirelessly for the residents of St. Goran, alongside our work across the whole of Cornwall to improve the lives of residents in the county.

As the Labour Party lurches further to the right under Starmer, socialist councillors are finding their new political home at Breakthrough – long may it continue!”