Breakthrough Party launches first Weekend of Action of 2023

While this Conservative government continues to reap havoc and chaos onto the British people with little opposition from Labour, the Breakthrough Party is continuing to build a presence in communities across the country.

Breakthrough is mobilising its members to kick off its first Weekend of Action of 2023 across England, from Plymouth to Redcar, Bury to Canterbury and everywhere else in-between.

The Weekend of Action, which is taking place on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th March, will see Breakthrough organise street stalls and leafleting sessions at 12 locations across England.

The locations include: London (Bermondsey and Camden), Manchester, Brighton, Bristol, Southampton, Exeter, Plymouth, Canterbury, Colchester, Redcar and Bury.

Party Leader, Alex Mays said: “This country is facing multiple crises, whether it’s the rising cost of living, our crumbling public services or the existential threat of climate catastrophe.

Instead of addressing these issues, the Tories are fixated on scapegoating poor people, asylum seekers and the trans community – while Labour is cosying up to big business and offering vague missions with very little substance, just vibes.

It’s no wonder that 61% of people want a new type of political party that can take on both Labour and the Conservatives.

We want to be that alternative, we want to be embedded in communities, listening to local people, empowering them and helping them to deliver the change they want to see.”

These campaigning events are part of a wider strategy which will see Breakthrough building from the grassroots, informing its future policy.

This is the second Weekend of Action that the Party has organised, with the first one having taken place in November.