Breakthrough Party statement on the death of Queen Elizabeth II

Losing a loved one is always a sad event, and to those who knew the Queen we offer our condolences. Across the country, people will be responding to this historic moment with a wide range of emotions. 

Amid the mourning and official deference, it is important that we do not lose sight of reality. And the reality is that Elizabeth II was a symbol of unearned privilege and colonial power. Her vast wealth was built on the violence of empire, her hereditary right to rule a hangover from a pre-democratic age.  

When British laws did not suit her, she lobbied behind the scenes to change them. And when members of the Royal Family were accused of serious crimes, she used her power to shield them from justice.

Contrary to received wisdom, now is an entirely appropriate moment for a frank debate about the future of Britain’s constitution. With the end of the Queen’s long reign, it is time to explore alternative, democratic forms of government capable of responding to the challenges of the 21st century. If we are serious about building a society based on fairness and equality, we must resolve to make Charles III the last monarch.

The Queen is dead, but life goes on — and the cost of living crisis will not stop to mourn. The heavy-handed official response to the Queen’s death, including the unnecessary cancellation of leisure events, will put ordinary people out of pocket and rob them of precious moments of joy. Freedom of speech, including for those with republican beliefs, must be defended against those in the media seeking to impose an exclusively royalist narrative on the population.

In the Breakthrough Party our commitment to democracy and self-determination is unwavering, and our fight for an alternative to the disastrous status quo continues.