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for Laindon Park

Thursday 4 May
Local Government Election
“Elect a councillor that fights for you”

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I have lived in Basildon for 47 years as a resident, many of which I spent working as a teacher in a local secondary school, so I understand the importance of community to the people living here.

I’ve worked hard as a councillor for this ward and I was proud to live in an area which was described, quite rightly, as having a ‘caring’ council. But this has sadly changed.

I’m standing once again to work with the people of Laindon Park to tackle the many problems we now face. 

I share the anger felt by Laindon residents about the many years of inaction over the development of Laindon Shopping Centre (Laindon Place) which has remained a building site for many years. Swan Housing and their partners seem unable or unwilling to finish the job and I believe that the Council should seek a Compulsory Purchase Order and complete the development. Laindon Place will provide much-needed council housing for the people of the borough, and in particular young people who are desperate for affordable housing.

We need to improve local services and infrastructure, which means improving our roads, reintroducing a comprehensive Welfare Rights Service to help our most vulnerable residents, scrapping the new Green Waste charge, which could lead to more dumping of green waste to landfill and maintain our green spaces for future generations to enjoy.

By doing this, together, we can make Laindon Park a place to be proud of.

Vote Breakthrough to...

  • Campaign for the completion and regeneration of Laindon Shopping Centre
  • Make more social housing available in the ward and borough
  • Put pressure on the County Council to improve neglected roads
  • Scrap the new Green Waste charge and maintain green spaces
  • Re-introduce the Welfare Rights Service

If you have any ideas about how to make Laindon Park a better place to live, or if you’d like to support my campaign, please drop me an email at [email protected]

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