VOTE Elliot Nathan

for Otley & Yeadon, and Manor wards

Thursday 4 May
Local Government Election
“It's time for change in Otley & Yeadon, I'll focus on the issues that matter to ordinary people”

Elliot is a Breakthough Party member in the Yorkshire and Humber region, find out more about the branch here

Having lived in Otley for 8 years, I am truly humbled to be running in the election for Leeds City Council representing the Otley and Yeadon ward, as well as Otley Town Council.

I have always worked in the public sector in and around Leeds: as a postman on leaving school, then in IT, town planning, and currently as a tax professional. 

I’ve seen first-hand the erosion of public services through underfunding and back-door privatisation. It’s what led me to becoming an active trade unionist, acting as a local representative for the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS). 

The experience gained from this has given me valuable skills in negotiating, campaigning, and representing others. 

I would like to use this experience to bring people together, get Leeds City Council to listen to Otley and Yeadon residents, make sure they provide the services our area needs and challenge them when they don’t. 

A lot of people I speak to tell me they think it’s time for a change – complacency can set in among councillors who have been in office a long time.

I will shake things up and get more action on the issues that matter to young people, families, older people and local businesses. I want to use my skills and experience in campaigning, negotiation and working alongside residents to ensure social justice is a reality. We can provide scrutiny from both inside and outside the council and hold the council to account. Together, we can make sure the council delivers the services our community needs, for the benefit of the many, not the few.

Vote Breakthrough to...

  • Bring local bus services back into public ownership
    To meet the needs of passengers, and not simply to maximise profits for private operators.
  • Make truly affordable council housing widely available
    To address the current housing crisis and help young people from Otley and Yeadon to put down roots here.
  • Ensure every young person has access to a youth centre
    So young people have somewhere to socialise, learn new skills and develop friendships outside of school or college.
  • Fund re-wilding, rewetting, and restoration projects
    To preserve nature for future generations to enjoy.
  • End council outsourcing to large corporations
    Where the council is unable to provide goods or services directly, encourage procurement from local organisations or facilitate community-based cooperatives.

If you have any ideas about how to make Otley and Yeadon a better place to live, or if you’d like to support my campaign, please drop me an email at [email protected]

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