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Confidentiality Agreement

Breakthrough Party Ltd. is a registered company in England & Wales
Registered Company Number: 13238910
Registered Office: 151 The Rock, Bury, Lancashire, BL9 0ND. United Kingdom

This agreement was last updated or reviewed: October 2022

In your role as a Worker (Employed or Voluntary) for the Breakthrough Party Ltd, Company No.13238910 (The Party), you may have access to (or may learn of) information of a confidential nature including personal volunteer, donor and/or client details. Confidential information includes the contents of any operating manuals or handbooks, which should not be disclosed to people outside of The Party.

When someone gives us any confidential information, they need to be sure that we will not pass this onto anyone else without their prior permission. The Party is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (Registration No. ZB344340) and our Workers seek to comply with the Data Protection Act 2018. Data security is taken very seriously, and all Workers with access to data are required to act responsibly and in accordance with The Party policy.

The Party records a range of data, including personal data. Some personal data may be of a sensitive nature. It is essential that all data is kept and handled securely at all times, not revealed to others or used inappropriately.

The only exception to this is if you have been made aware of any information which raises a concern to you, such as a safeguarding matter. In this case, you will be expected to share this with the nominated safeguarding person for The Party via [email protected]

Confidential information includes (but is not limited to) online membership records, private messaging, spoken words and presentations, printed documents, loose notes, diaries, memoranda, drawings, photographs, electronic, magnetic and optical storage, and computer printouts. Please read carefully the following statements to confirm your agreement. If you are not sure what a statement means then contact the Data Protection Lead within The Party at [email protected]

Personal Data as defined by the GDPR is information (not in the public domain) relating to a living individual that:

  • can identify the individual from the data, or, from the data and other information in your possession, or likely to come into your possession,
  • ‘relates to’ the identifiable individual, whether in personal or family life, business or profession,
  • is ‘obviously about’ the identifiable individual,
  • is ‘linked to’ the identifiable individual so that it provides particular information,
  • is used, or is it to be used, to inform or influence actions or decisions affecting an individual,
  • has any biographical significance in relation to an individual,
  • that focuses or concentrates on an individual as its central theme rather than on some other person, or some object, transaction or event,
  • impacts or has the potential to impact an individual, whether in a personal, family, business or professional capacity.

This data is considered Sensitive Personal Data if this includes information relating to an identifiable living individual’s:

  • racial or ethnic origins,
  • political opinions,
  • religious beliefs or other beliefs of a similar nature,
  • trade union membership,
  • physical or mental health,
  • sexual life,
  • the commission or alleged commission of any offence,
  • or, any proceedings for any offence committed or alleged to have been committed by an identifiable living individual.

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Breakthrough Party Ltd.
A registered company in England & Wales Registered Company Number: 13238910.
Registered Office: 151 The Rock, Bury, Lancashire, BL9 0ND. United Kingdom

Confidentiality Agreement
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As a member of the Breakthrough Party:

  1. I understand that while working with The Party I may come across information that is confidential. I agree that I will never disclose such confidential information to anyone outside of The Party, subject to the exception outlined above.
  2. I agree to seek further advice or to review The Party’s Privacy & Data Protection Policy if I have any questions around the nature and use of data that may come into my possession.
  3. I also agree to respect the intellectual property of The Party and not to pass on any forms or documentation I may use in the course of working to anyone outside of The Party.
  4. I will not leave records that contain Personal Data where they may be seen by others.
  5. I will only access, amend or delete data when it is necessary to keep accurate data.
  6. I will not disclose or share client data with another organisation or person in any way.
  7. I will not print, capture or export data in any way unless explicitly approved by The Party.
  8. I will not record any comments about a subject that are known or likely to be inaccurate, subjective or which The Party leadership would be unhappy for the individual to see (e.g. following a Subject Access Request)
  9. I will keep my passwords secure at all times, log out and close the browser application on exiting each session.
  10. I will keep my passwords confidential and I will not share my account information with anyone else, including colleagues.
  11. I will report any data breach immediately to [email protected]
  12. I understand breaches of this agreement could result in me being stripped of my role in The Party, potential expulsion and legal action.

By accepting this agreement, you confirm that you have read, understand and will abide by the terms set out above.

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Breakthrough Party Ltd.
A registered company in England & Wales Registered Company Number: 13238910.
Registered Office: 151 The Rock, Bury, Lancashire, BL9 0ND. United Kingdom

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