VOTE Andrew Meikle

for Hucknall West

Thursday 4 May
Local Government Election
“It's time to elect a champion of ordinary people in Hucknall West”

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Andrew is a Breakthough Party member in the East Midlands region, find out more about the branch here

Having lived in Hucknall for 7 years, I am truly honoured to be running in the election for Ashfield District Councillor, representing the Hucknall West ward.

As an NHS mental health worker, I’m in touch with the community. I see far too many people living in appalling conditions, unable to find work, or in work that doesn’t even cover their bills.

27% of children in the Ashfield area are living in poverty. Meanwhile, our local council competes for millions of pounds to spend on vanity projects that provide no relief from the cost-of-living crisis.

My promise is to put in the work to save our public services and improve the lives of those in our ward.

The people of Ashfield deserve elected members they can trust, not councillors who make headlines for fraud investigations. Breakthrough is a new party made up of ordinary people fighting for real change, not self-gain.

Vote Breakthrough to...

  • Support children and families living in poverty
    Lobby the council to increase the funding and eligibility of the cost-of-living package for residents and provide universal free school meals.
  • Put an end to persistent vandalism
    Work with local retailers, police and community organisations to identify and tackle its causes.
  • Fight council tax increases and fund public services
    Review the existing funding reserves of the District Council and use them to properly support local people.
  • Regenerate our high street
    Bid for funds to draw in more business and create better job opportunities locally.
  • Repair our roads and pavements
    Work with the District Council to petition the central government for additional funds.

If you have any ideas about how to make Hucknall West a better place to live, or if you’d like to support my campaign, please drop me an email at [email protected]

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