Kent Councillor & Regional Chair of the Fire Brigades Union, joins Breakthrough

This week, Breakthrough’s presence in local government has grown once again after three sitting councillors joined the Party.

Tim Green sits on Westgate-On-Sea Town Council in Kent, and is the Regional Chair of the Fire Brigades Union in the South East.

As a former Labour councillor alienated by the Party’s rightward turn, Tim explains his decision:

I have lost faith in the Labour Party, I feel it is letting down younger members and is betraying the socialist values it originally stood for. We are going back to the days of Tony Blair and I just cannot support or be a member of the party.

Joining Breakthrough has allowed me to identify with a party that has the same beliefs that I have, including fairness, a redistribution of wealth, a robust welfare state, a well-funded NHS and public services, and nationalised utilities.

Councillor Tim Green

Greeting the news, Breakthrough leader Alex Mays says:

I’m absolutely thrilled to have Tim along with Veena & Jenny join us.

They bring with them invaluable experience in local politics and trade unionism, and an unrivalled passion to build a fairer society and a fairer world.

I can’t wait to work with them and help make that happen!

In 2021, three sitting Labour councillors defected to Breakthrough, and this year the Party has welcomed the Mayor of Bangor, councillor Owen Hurcum, as well as Folkestone councillor Jonathan A. Graham.

Breakthrough recently announced that it had signed a Memorandum of Understanding with other left-wing parties, forming a political coalition known as the People’s Alliance of the Left (PAL).