Third Labour councillor defects to Breakthrough Party

Chair of Thorngumbald Parish Council Ben Munro has defected from the Labour Party to Breakthrough, a new democratic socialist party which aims to fill the political vacuum on the left.

Labour has lost its direction and is no longer effective in challenging the Government. There is too much looking back instead of looking forward and until that changes, Labour will continue to lose members.

Breakthrough has strong policy ideas and is an alternative socialist party for those who feel politically homeless at the moment. It’s still in its infancy but in 10 months has come a long way and with development, strategy and continued growth, will offer people a real alternative.

Ben Munro, Thorngumbald Parish Council

Welcoming Ben to the Party, Breakthrough leader Alex Mays says:

When I spoke to Ben his enthusiasm and commitment for his local community really shone through. He will bring with him fantastic experience from his work in the public sector, trade unions and local government, which will help us take the party to the next level. We’re really excited to have Ben onboard!

Ben has worked in the public sector for a number of years, holding various positions. Alongside his role in the public sector, he is an active trade unionist and Trade Union Rep for Unite the Union. 

He is currently training to become a Barrister in England and Wales and also has qualifications in Biology and Business Management and Leadership.

Ben is Breakthrough’s third councillor, following previous defections from Labour by Samantha Cooper in Keighley and Katie Parker in Bury St Edmunds. 

Breakthrough is a democratic socialist party founded in January this year. The party is working with other left-wing parties to break the two-party stranglehold on power and to give voters a real choice.

The Party plans to stand candidates in parliamentary and local government elections to challenge the political status quo and, in particular, the Labour Party’s abandonment of many of its core voters.