Breakthrough Activists @ The World Transformed!

Being immersed into the world of politics and activism can often feel much more tedious than we would like; with endless Zoom meetings, eyebrow-raising over Twitter and tuning in to the latest fiascos on Parliament TV. 

However, it’s when we get out on the ground; campaigning, learning and standing in solidarity with fellow socialists that the Party really comes to life. That’s why we’re so thrilled to be attending this year’s “The World Transformed” Festival in Brighton, UK.

Running throughout the Labour Conference week, TWT is a grassroots socialist festival founded in 2016, which describes itself as “Socialist and Utopian, Creative and Collaborative” and “understands the need to expand political imagination beyond the Labour Party” providing an independent and alternative platform for parties, organisations, unions, coalitions and creatives alike to assemble together. 

We are excited to confirm that Breakthrough activists will be present at The World Transformed and outside the Labour Party Conference. Our aims will be to make our feelings regarding the left purge and anti-democratic power grab by Starmer very known, and to present the Breakthrough Party as a real, radical socialist alternative by means of discussions and resources. 

If you’re attending TWT too, we look forward to seeing you there! Don’t forget to use the Twitter hashtag #HopeHasANewHome to re-enforce our message that Labour is well and truly dead.